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Welcome to the blog of the MEDIATE project, that is currently being carried out at Radboud University, Nijmegen (The Netherlands), and will run until 2021. Our project focuses on the circulation of books and private book ownership in eighteenth-century Europe, and uses as its primary source material  private (physical and / or digital) library auction catalogues, as well as archival material relating to these catalogues.
    In this blog, project members reflect on questions raised and curious cases encountered in this source material, in a Horatian vein of ‘utile dulci’. Our purpose is to raise questions and draw attention to puzzling details in the material, rather than offer definitive pronouncements or general statements on its form and purposes.

All corrections and comments are welcome, and can be directed to the blog manager, Rindert Jagersma.



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Rindert Jagersma is a book historian, specialized in the book trade of Dutch Republic in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. In the MEDIATE project, he focuses on Dutch auction catalogues and their owners.